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Cremation Memorials - Hampshire Memorials - Hampshire

For memorial items for cremations,
call on 01252 543 006

Cremation memorials

Cremations are becoming increasingly commonplace in the UK and the cremated remains can be interred in both churchyards and cemeteries.

The choice of cremation memorials can be quite diverse from the ornate for cemeteries to the more simple tablets more suited to churchyards.

Cremation memorials built &
erected across Hampshire

Our cremation memorial stones can be built in churchyards and cemetries across Hampshire.

We are available to all locations in the county, including Farnborough, Aldershot and Fleet.

Cremation stones available

Our cremation stones provide the designs and styles which will provide a fitting memorial. With gold leaf, silver and black lettering available, we can ensure that the right memorial item is provided.

We also have a brochure outlining the range of items offered.

Cremation urns

The traditional resting place for cremation ashes is an urn. Our range of cremation urns includes brass, pewter and metal urns.

From a standard design to something more unique or personalised, we can ensure that you get a suitable commemorative urn.

Cremation plaques/ Tablets

The ashes of the cremated can also be interred. Cremation plaques can be created to mark the place where this has happened, and commemorate the life of the individual buried.

These can be made to fit any size or colour requested, and we can also advise you on regulations where cemeteries are involved.

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